Dear USP Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
In order to send your Congress Registration, you must log in to this site.
Your access account has already been previously created here on the website by the Organizing Committee (since only Post-Doctoral Students who meet the criteria for this event can submit an application, see here). To submit your application, proceed as follows:
1) First access this link to check if your USP Number is already registered.
2) If you are already registered, click here and ask the system to send a link to your account password to your email.
3) After defining your new password, login to the site using your USP Number and go to the Researcher's Menu to access the Registration form.
• If you looked up your USP number and it was not found:
Please contact the Organizing Committee so that we can check if you are within the criteria of the event in order to be able to send your Application.
The contact email is . You must inform in your message the following data: Full Name, USP Number, Email, your Unit and the date of completion of your postdoctoral degree, if any.